How we work

You are going to live or work in the building and you have the first say in its design. For each project we'll work with you to develop a clear brief, or adapt your own set of employer's requirements and performance indicators.

We'll set up a project team which is always led by one of Survey & Design's partners, to ensure personal commitment and a consistent approach. As a small, friendly and flexible practice, you can rely on us to respond quickly, suggest solutions rather than presenting you with problems, pick up on the details and deliver the product.

Once we've done the best design we can to meet your brief and any funding requirements (value management), we make sure that design gets built to the highest specification possible for the money available (value engineering). We've organised our own business method system to track progress, control costs and manage time.

Southend Lane, Bellingham, London SE6

Southend Lane, Bellingham, London SE6.  See more examples of what we do



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Family Housing Association



Employer's agent / Planning supervisor
Architect: Pollard Thomas Edwards

Survey & Design Partnership

Survey & Design Partnership
70 Cowcross Street
London EC1M 6EJ

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RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architects
We belong to The Green Register of Construction Professionals We're supporting Architect in the House - Shelter/RIBA Architects Registration Board

photograph: John Whitfield